Adult Progress people,progress

TO those of you who may not be aware,or even care this is what they refer to as "canning time".Now the wife and her family get into this and what it means is when something like corn is in you go,buy a shit-load,shuck it,cook it and can for later use.This involves heating the house up as well on one of the hottest days of the year making living in said dwelling all but un-bearable for the other occupants.Now this was all well and good for my ancestors:

 200,000 years ago who were basically,( hunter/gatherers)                                       but flash forward to the present day,2017 and 

 me:Going to grocery store,head to aisle #5 grab 2 cans of corn,pay for the shit and leave!

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  1. jjj22

    yep that’s what I say. they got all that shit at krogers

    August 03, 2017