Progress people,progress

TO those of you who may not be aware,or even care this is what they refer to as "canning time".Now the wife and her family get into this and what it means is when something like corn is in you go,buy a shit-load,shuck it,cook it and can for later...


Think I may run to Walmart and check out the aisle with the rows of items that are "NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES"!!!


I'd like to see a remake of the Wizard of Oz with Dorothy standing on the yellow brick road with an iphone muttering,"fucking mapquest"!


I've never claimed to be a people person.I don't even like people who fake a smile when they get in the elevator let alone strangers in waiting rooms or people on the bus who want to tell you their god damn life story or problems.I could give a shit...

July 4th

Had a picnic for the inlaws yesterday or as I like to refer to it "casual dress day for fucking serial killers at Walmart" day


I want to experience my internet connection inserted into your USB port..............

Global Warming part #2

Seriously do you think the Polar bears would lose a fucking minutes sleep if they thought our environment was being threatened?


Went to the Tae Kwon Do class last evening at the local school only because the youngest granddaughter was competing and there are others trying out as well so you must go thru till the one you came to see practices and although I must admit I don't...


Dr told me I should have a routine colonoscopy and I asked,"should I take anything first and he thought for a moment and said,"just go to Taco Bell and have 2 tacos and a burrito...that should fucking clean you out....

Payment plan

Wife had to go to the Dr's yesterday am and while I was stitting in waiting room couldn't help but notice the signs etc.The usual ones which read,"have your insurance card ready","any and all charges your insurance doesn't pick up are your...