As a veteran I just wish to live long enough to piss on Jane (Hanoi) Fonda's fucking grave..


Never really thought about if there is a heaven or hell,but have wondered on occasion why black women have such fat asses though.

Bill Cosby

This just in:This is a CNN breaking news alert. A spokesperson for Bill Cosby,the disgraced comedian states that Cosby has filed a multi-million lawsuit against General Foods Corp claiming that his eating Jell-o as a child caused him to grow up to...


Joel Osteen:    I hope with Irma coming these Cubans and Puerto Ricans don't ask to use MY church....


Tuesday September 4th the History Channel has a special on 9/11.I hope this time they don't leave out where Bush,Cheney and Rumsfeld orchestrated the whole thing on the premise of WMD as an excuse to invade oil rich Iraq?


Since we're going into fall and I am in a state that is famous for apples went to the store where they have dozens of varieties and thousands of bags but just about ALL of them are from Washington state.Guess I'll have to go there to get any apples...


Had an affair yrs ago with a woman at work.She broke it off saying it was based on sex.I said well yeah... I don't need another fucking wife


Recently I saw a post by someone who was concerned about a friend  or relative in some country suffering from earthquakes or such and I want to say.I don't go or do places with volcanic eruptions,earthquakes,mudslides or revolutions.I want to be able...

Progress people,progress

TO those of you who may not be aware,or even care this is what they refer to as "canning time".Now the wife and her family get into this and what it means is when something like corn is in you go,buy a shit-load,shuck it,cook it and can for later...


Think I may run to Walmart and check out the aisle with the rows of items that are "NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES"!!!


I'd like to see a remake of the Wizard of Oz with Dorothy standing on the yellow brick road with an iphone muttering,"fucking mapquest"!


I've never claimed to be a people person.I don't even like people who fake a smile when they get in the elevator let alone strangers in waiting rooms or people on the bus who want to tell you their god damn life story or problems.I could give a shit...

July 4th

Had a picnic for the inlaws yesterday or as I like to refer to it "casual dress day for fucking serial killers at Walmart" day